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მთავარი » 2009 » სექტემბერი » 7 » SUNRISE ISLAND VIEW 5*, Sharm




didi da lamazi teritoria, kargi animacia. rekomendirebulia axalgazrduli da ojaxuri dasvenebisTvis.



sastumro Sedgeba 2 sarTuliani bungalos kompleqsebisgan

sul 492 nomeria: 176 standard room (maqs 2+2 adaniani), aseve aris Family Room, Standard Suite, Executive Suite da Junior Suite.

gadaxda SesaZlebelia sakredito baraTebiT: Visa, MasterCard


nomris tipebi







3km aeroportidan, Sharks Bay–s yureSi.



plaJi  White Night, qiSiani, Sesvla wyalSi marto pontoniT. rekomendirebulia specialuri fexsacmeli. qolgebi, Sezlongebi, matrasebi, plaJis pirsaxoci – ufaso.

auzTan: qolgebi, Sezlongebi matrasebi pirsaxoci – ufaso.



saabazano an saSxape

feni (nomerSi registraturaSi – ufaso)

mini-bari (fasiani)

seifi (nomerSi – ufaso)

individualuri kondincioneri

televizori, sateliti (rusuli arxebi)


aivani an terasa (yvelgan ar aris)

iataki – keramikuli

room service (fasiani)

nomris dalageba – yoveldRiurad

TeTreulis gamocvla – yoveldRiuri (moTxovniT)



3 restorani ( 2 a la carte – fasiani)

6 bari

4 Ria auzi (1 gaTbobiT zamTris periodSi)

sakonferencio darbazi (180 adamiani – fasiani)

silamazis saloni

eqimi gamoZaxebiT – fasiani


valutis gadacvla

taqsis gamoZaxeba

avtosadgomo – fasiani

internet-kafe – fasiani



sabavSvo auzi (gaTbobiT zamTris sezoni)

sabavSvo moedani

sabavSvo skami restoranSi


sabavSvo sawoli (moTxovniT registraturaSi – ufaso)


garToba da sporti


satrenaJoro darbazi

CogburTis korti (ganaTeba _ fasiani)






Cognebis da burTebis gaqiraveba


wylis sportis saxeobebi


yuradReba! sastumros administracia itovebs uflebas, rom Seitanos cvlilebebi winaswari gafrTxilebis gareSe
ნანახია: 10456 | დაამატა: tigprices | რეიტინგი: 0.0/0 |
სულ კომენტარები: 5
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